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Many people still won’t take off AirPods even when they are ‘cloudy’

A TickPick survey shows many interesting sex habits of music lovers, including wearing AirPods while on the move. Modern life makes people have monstrous habits, one of which is to bring AirPods on their ears even when “having fun”. Ticket distribution company TickPick has surveyed more than 1,000 music listeners and has a positive sex life, to explore their interests in both areas. While being encouraged to answer the truth, participants can still choose to hide their “blanket and pillow” habits. Unexpected things happen when 17% of users said they still carry AirPods on their ears when having sex. The TickPick survey also offers other interesting results: Nearly a quarter of music lovers cried while having sex, or electronic music fans often value sex more than listeners of other types. Meanwhile, heavy-metal fans often choose to use contraceptives. And more than 25% of country music fans admit favoring love one night. TickPick did not say how many percent of the 1,000 surveyed people owned AirPods, so the above 17% rate could not be attributed to the exact number. However, if one confirms this “fun” habit, many others will have similar interests.